Wondering What to Wear at an Indian Wedding? Check Out These Designer Dresses for Wedding

Wondering What to Wear at an Indian Wedding? Check Out These Designer Dresses for Wedding

During wedding season, what usually excites the most of us is the chance to get dressed up and wear the most beautiful jewellery and clothes. However, the downside is that we visit numerous shops for a good outfit and undergo several trials. Now, that is time-consuming and exhausting.

Aren’t you bored visiting countless stores for a wedding outfit?

What if we have it all in one place?

This is the ultimate guide you’ve been looking for. Let’s explore all the best wedding outfits for ladies and help you pick the perfect one.


Lehengas are the first choice for any girl who plans to attend a wedding. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or simply attending a wedding of your loved ones, you can never go wrong with this latest lehenga design for weddings.

Vibrant Multi Hue Embellished Bridesmaid Lehenga

Embellished or embroidered, you can have it your way at Roopkala. Modern cuts and traditional Indian ethnic wear designs make our outfits strike the right Indo-Western balance.

Frizzle Peach Embellished Wedding Lehenga Set


An attire that Indian women go gaga over is a saree. The amount of grace and beauty you exude when you wear this piece of art is unparalleled. You can never go wrong with saree choices, especially with our collection.

We have everything from traditional drapes to contemporary designer stylish saree designs and cuts to easy-to-go pre-stitched sarees. With a collection that offers something for every occasion, we can become your personal online boutique.

Shimmer Gold Embellished Ruffled Pre-Stitched Saree


If you’re a new-gen diva and you prefer an outfit that is gorgeous but at the same time easy to wear, then you need a gown. Furthermore, a simple gown is not enough, you need an embellished one that turns heads and keeps everyone’s eyes hooked on you.

Snow White Blaze Embellished Gown

With our sculpted gowns, you can rock every event with charm. From deep bold to vibrant colors, we have it all. An elegant bun or beach waves will accentuate your look.

Salwar Suit

If you’re looking for something on the heavier side, you can opt for our designer suits. They come in a variety of embroideries which are perfect for such occasions.

These salwar suits are made with premium quality fabric and you can experience what luxury feels like when you wear them. The versatility of our outfits empower you to create looks that will reflect your personality.

You can explore the brilliance of Indian craftsmanship with our designer outfits. Check out our range on our website.