Here’s Exploring The Versatility Of Indian Ethnic Wear

Here’s Exploring The Versatility Of Indian Ethnic Wear

India's diverse culture, traditions, and customs boast a wide spectrum of ethnic wear. India’s heritage has always been thoughtfully woven into the fabrics of traditional attires. These fabrics further reflect and symbolize our history and artistry.

Ink Blue Ethnic Printed Flared Kurti

Starting from Banarasi sarees to Phulkari dupattas, Indian traditional dress for women is considered to be a celebration of pure craftsmanship. Each piece of fabric has a story to tell and showcases the unique cultural identity it is attached to.

Reflex Blue Leheriya Bandhani Anarkali Suit Set

Traditional wear is an example of timelessness. They can be worn for endless weddings, festivals, and formal events. They carry a sense of elegance and sophistication.

1. Exploring the Variety of Indian Ethnic Wear

Indian traditional attire comes from a place of culture. Every state in our country has a rich culture which shows in the attire of that state. If we look at Rajasthan, they have vibrant colors and exquisite embroidery, while South Indian pure silk sarees carry elegance and sophistication. Punjabi suits on the other hand exude the regal charm of their culture.

Summer Marigold Festive Silk Saree

2. Changing Times

With changing times, we have seen a modern twist in our Indian attires that makes it relevant among contemporary fashion enthusiasts. The blend of traditional Indian wear and Western elements has become a popular fusion trend. You can check these fusion outfits here.

Multicolor Ethnic Printed Crepe Tunic Top

3. Influence

Although the use of fabrics like cotton and silk has remained prevalent since ancient times, it’s Bollywood movies that glamorized the use of chiffon. We have to give into the fact that Indian cinema has largely influenced our clothing preferences. With every trend, there came a new wave of fashion of designer ethnic wear.

Pearl Hand Painted Embroidered Saree

4. Self Expression

For a woman, clothing is a means of accessorizing and self-expression and the way it drapes around our body, makes us feel a sense of pride, elegance, and style. At Roopkala, we provide a wide spectrum of ethnic wear options from Salwar Kameez to Anarkali Suits to Sarees and Lehengas.

Lastly, we believe that traditional attire is more than a statement of fashion, it certainly brings you closer to your culture and helps you embrace your cultural identity. We encourage you to check out our collection here and explore the endless possibilities of styling ethnic wear.