Indian Ethnic Wear Guide: Decoding the Allure of Bandhej

Indian Ethnic Wear Guide: Decoding the Allure of Bandhej

 Wondering what Bandhej is all about?

Let’s explore its beauty!

The word ‘Bandhej’, famously known as Bandhani, is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘baandh’ which means ‘to tie’. This craft has been practised in Gujarat and Rajasthan for thousands of years and is still very much relevant in our culture. It is a type of tie-dye art that is prepared by pinching and plucking the cloth with fingernails to create patterns across the fabric. If you love

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Bandhej is a prominent part of India’s fashion culture. This technique was discovered 5000 years ago. The work of Bandhej was initiated by the Khatri community in Gujarat

Numerous centres in Gujarat and Rajasthan produce well-made bandhej shawls, sarees, turbans, etc. Even after so many years, this art form is still super relevant and you can see women wearing bandhej outfits to date, around the country.

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Artisans create these designs by marking various patterns on the fabric - silk or cotton. Later, they pinch sections on it, tie them up with threads, and create tiny knots. These knots are then dipped in dyes with the knotted sections resisting the colors leading to intricate patterns on the cloth.

They start with tints, slowly progressing towards shades. This process requires a significant amount of time and effort.


Bandhej is one of the most versatile types of Indian ethnic wear for women, characterised by unique patterns and colours that bring life to the fabric. Each variation signifies India’s rich culture and tradition.

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  1. Lehriya is a well-known variation, with its stripes resembling waves.
  2. Mothra is another popular variation, featuring small dots that represent the wings of moths.
  3. Edkali, which has tiny dots all over the cloth.
  4.  Shikari, with animal motifs across the fabric.


Bandhej offers some of the most interesting and flexible styling options. It can be adapted into any outfit you name - sarees, kurtas, dupattas, shirts and skirts. Its beauty lies in its versatility, making it suitable for occasions as well as casual outings.

Looking for designer stylish sarees? Bandhej sarees can be paired with contrasting-coloured blouses, minimalistic makeup and oxidized jewellery to create a bold ethnic look. You can also pair palazzos or jeans with bandhej kurtas and wear mojris to create a fusion attire.

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We hope you’re inspired to add a splash of its enchantment to your wardrobe as well!

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