How Fusion Fashion is Reshaping Indian Ethnic Wear Designs?

How Fusion Fashion is Reshaping Indian Ethnic Wear Designs?

Hello, fashionistas!

Do you know what the latest fashion trend is?

It's fusion fashion, duh!

Indian ethnic attire has always been a topic of discussion in fashion. The quality and flow of fabrics, intricate designs, and vibrant colours reflect our culture's everlasting beauty and elegance.

At Roopkala, we have uplifted this concept with our Fusion Fashion range. So, let’s explore the new version of our ethnic wear designs.

Emerald Green Festive Fusion Jacket Set


New-age designers are now blending both styles by incorporating modern elements in classic Indian sarees and lehengas. Traditional blouses can be replaced with crop tops, off-shoulders, bell sleeves, etc. as they add a contemporary touch to the outfit.

These designs strongly appeal to the younger generation and set a new trend among the youth.

Fluorescent Olive Green Cocktail Gown

Change in Fabrics and Textures

This new wave of fusion fashion has paved the way to explore and merge fashion styles, creating new looks by mixing and matching fabrics. Indian fabrics like silk and cotton have been innovatively used with modern ones like chiffon and organza in Indo western wear for women.

This fresh concept creates a new aesthetic for people who want to go beyond the basics.


Designers have experimented by integrating Western patterns like polka dots, geometric shapes, and stripes into designer ethnic wear such as sarees, kurtis, and lehengas. This combination is sparking a new craze among women.

Such outfits are perfect for parties and festivities, offering a unique appearance.

Spring Bud Embellished Lehenga Set


Recently, there has been a new buzz in the fashion world- using contemporary colour palettes like neon and pastel shades in Indian ethnic wear for women. These colours add versatility to the traditional golds, reds, and blues, allowing the designs of your attire to stand out.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out our collection and stay stylish forever!