Sarees & How to wear Saree

'Six yards of fascination' goes a popular description of the 'Saree'. This 6 Yards long piece of cloth is tucked in and draped around a petticoat tied at the waist, pleated and passed over the wearer's shoulder. It is normally worn with a fitted bodice called the choli, leaving the midriff bare. Depending on the wearer's mood, the 'saree' can be extremely seductive, dignified or circumspect. Almost each region in India has its individual way of draping the 'saree'. Some daring ladies have been known to wear it with backless cholis. 'Sarees' come in a wide variety of fabrics- silks, cottons, chiffons, georgettes and crepes, the list could go on and on.









No exotic fancy dress, but a garment that is worn daily by women through the length and breadth of India, 6 Yards of continuous fabric. Unstitched. Yet a perfect fit for every figure. And not as complicated to wear as you might suppose.